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Maricat 4.3 to buy, is it too much?


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Hello all,

I fairly new to buying a maricat, and would like to ask advice as I have my eye on one, here's what I know so far,

4.3m Maricat,

Sail has 2583 numbering on it, no marks on sail, stiching is good, and batterns are in good cond (however were still tied in when i pulled the sail out of the bag)

has a Jib sail, also in good condition

no scrap marks on underside of both hulls or on the lower tips of the rudders.

Trailer in good condition, no rego on trailer

Not sure if mast is sealed or not.

the two clips on tiller arm that hold the rudder lever in, are broken

most mainsail ropes are fairly new,

They are asking $2000.

Any comments welcome to tell me if this is a good deal or not,

Cheers, Richard

Tramp is is good nick (always been in a shed)

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NO expert here, I have only owned my 4.3 for 3 weeks.

I paid $730.00 for mine. It is in much the same shape as the one you describe, including the broken clips for the rudders (they cost about $3 at Brisbane Catamaren Centre or Bias Boating). My trailer has some rust, in fact it has a lot of rust on the axle and springs.

Mine included a couple of new life jackets but no trapese.

My sail number is 2403.

don't know where you live but in the brisbane area $900.00 seems to be the going price.

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$2000 sounds a little to much it depends on the sail.

If the sail is,say a couple of seasons old,that price would be in the ball park.

If its the original sail probably a little pricey.

The newer sails are the crisp white ones,the older sails are the multi coloured retro looking ones.

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I saw one beside the road north of Tamworth (Gold not Yellow) so I am guessing series two, since my series one (sail No. 1427) is definitely Yellow,was also asking $2000.

I paided $2350 at a dealer in Tamworth 20 years ago, 3 seasons old, that was too much back then as I soon learned, do your homework!

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