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Sweet16 may be up for sail again


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Sweet 16 is up for sale!! The boat is in excellent, as new condition. I've hardly sailed it since purchasing from John Merle who had done a complete overhaul on it. Unfortunately poor health has not allowed me to get on the water as much as I would have liked. The Flower mainsail is still in new condition & an as new trampoline. I've added adjustable chainplates to fore and back stays, 8:1 cunningham, reconditioned trailer, signwriting and new beach rollers. She is fast!!! Call Darryl Eggins (02) 4981 0145

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Some further details on the rebuild of Sweet16.

original Mari 14 number 16.

new mast, front and rear beams. The front beam is new but of the type suited to the original 14 (Ross still had these in stock at Brisbane Catamarans).

The rear beam is a new mark 2 rear beam fitted professionally to the original 14, 6 wheel traveller car used on rear beam.

Trampoline was made by Ian from Redhead sails and is of the same material favoured in the Tornado class.

Main Sail was custom made for the boat by Kevin Flower and has had little use since finishing second is the last National Titles it entered Cat Rigged.

Boom is a new mark 2 style. All fittings, ropes and rigging were new 6:1 low profile main sheet blocks, now new 8:1 downhaul etc.

Hulls were professionally restored and strengthened forward of the front beams. The finish of the hulls is as new.

The tuning of the boat was quite extensive and it was sold as is in race trim from the Nationals. The hulls are very stiff and perfectly aligned with some cantering of the hulls to suit a heavier sailor (note that original 14s have less bouyancy in the forward section, thats why I cantered these hulls).

All new rudder fittings and aligned to have neutral helm, moving to slight weather helm in gusts... the boat is well balanced.

the boat would ideally suit someone wanting to sail competively in the Cat Rigged division with a skipper weight from 65 - 80 kg. That is what the boat is tuned for.

or maybe someone that just wants a very well restored maricat. It is nice to sail on.

cheers !

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