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Looking for a Maricat 4.0


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For the same money you can have a 4.3 which is a far more superior boat and also re-sellable.

I have sailed all Maricats and the only 2 to bother with are the 4.3 and the 5m. It is actually a shame the 5m didn't get further off the ground, but the Taipan knocked it off. The 5 is however a sensational boat to sail.

The 4.8 is a great boat if you like nosediving off the breeze, but a solid performer upwind.

The 4m is just to short.

My 2 cents woth. maybe 1 cent worth.


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Thanks mates for your on-going advice.

The 4.0m that I've seen sailing is as fast as any other club level 4.3's [and comes with the generous YV handicap] I guess I want to see if this is a special 4.0 or that any can be made to go as well as the 4.3. It is identical to a 4.3, even sailed supersloop!

By the way, as you can see from my username, I'm talking about developing it to be sailed on inland waters, which means lightness and sail area. Might even put a kite on it if I can find a boat to start with. [Perhaps I might have to get a 4.0m foam sandwich built]


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