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new boats 90kg


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the weight of 90kg for new boats,the whole idea is to encourage people into new boats,but at the same time keeping old boats competitive this will be a long process, maybe 5 to 10 years.if you weigh 85kg, you only have to put 2.5kg in each hull,in a new boat. and you will be more than competitive.if you way 80klo, any body can lose 5kg two months out of a big regatta, or nationals.if he or she is truly a serious competitor.and at 75kg you are the perfect weight for a 4.3 maricat.but if you are 100kg, you now can purchase a second hand maricat and then save for a set of faom sandwich hulls ,which are very reasonably priced. and be very competitive.I Allso know that 90kg skipper weight on new boats, means no mater there weight anybody who buys a new boat will be better off competitivly, so this should encourage people to buy new boats,WHICH WE AS A CLASS MUST DO. with these new boats the maricat class can have skippers, that are competitive from 63.5kg all the way up to 100klo, thats good news. lets not forget, that our cat rig national champ 5 times over weighs 95kg. but there is no doudt in my mind,If you put a decent skipper of 80kg on a new boat, no older boat could keep up, the weight differance would be to great and the maricat class would be NO MORE. PIRATE.

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