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Motion # 1


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That the Skipper weight for the foam sandwich constructed 4.3m Maricat cat rigged be set at a minimun of 85kg

Propsed by Peter Breaden

Seconded by Mick Colecliffe.

Reason for motion: The weight differance between the new foam sandwich and the old fibreglass boats is a consistant 25kg. This gives the newer boats an unfair advantage of 25kg. Clearly the skipper weight will keep things on a level playing field

This motion has been put in wrighting to the association

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reposting this information as it seems appropriate here.

In 1997 a weigh-in of 14 boats was completed after a National Titles. Boats where across the range with both styles of rear beams. Results as per table below.

Bathroom scales where used under each hull, boats where derigged with the mast layed on the deck. Average 94.6kg

Starboard/ Port/Total

48 48 96

46 45 91

54 50 104

46 45 91

46 46 92

46 47 93

49 47 96

47 47 94

48 48 96

45 46 91

47 50 97

49 48 97

49 46 95

47 45 92

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Bathroom scales is by not means the best way to weight a maricat.

We to weighed 5 different maricats at tanilba on bathroom scales and they weighed in between 120kg - 130kg.

We need a proper set of scales at the states and a sling.

The "measurer" should take responsibllity and do this.

Can we organise a set of scales and a sling to verify the average weight.

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You should be organising and doing this yourself if you want to raise an issue and if people agree to you hacking around with their boats to weigh them. Why spoil the measurers Easter Weekend? Some of us just like to enjoy the sailing.

Are the 1997 measurements posted wrong?

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