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Motion # 3


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That the minimum skipper weight be removed for youth under 24 years of age.

Reason: To encourage increased youth participation in maricat sailing.

Proposed: John Merl

Seconded: Any takers ?

Note: This has been done by one of the larger European H14 Associations with some success as part of a larger range of initiatives to further encourage youth participation in competitive sailing.

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No problems here.

Just remember, The motion has to be put in writing.

John, not everyone looks at this web site and it is good to discuss every aspect of maricat racing, but we still only have about 12 different people giving opinions. Just because I say it or you say it doesn't mean everyone agrees or even knows about the discussion. It is just us minority having a discussion.

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Yes, the motion is in writing. The same as I had told you they have to be in writing, thankyou for the reminder smile.gif

Although there are only a relatively small number of people that write their opinions on the forum there is a larger number of people that read the forum.

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