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Tinaroo cats

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Anyone reading this who owns any of the cats at tinaroo yc and would 1; like to sell, or 2; like to get your boat out on the water & sail/race with a fleet of same, post a message here & we'll see what we can organise. There is at least 6 mari,windies,calypsies sitting & doing zip, we gotta get on the water, these mono's are like driving miss daisy

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Dusty ol' waters of tinaroo dam in tropical fnq, west of Cairns, a little way off for most of you guys, but has a very strong tradition. Competitive fleet of tasers & lasers,but happily accommodates all classes.Very strong club for all mono divisions & all cat sailors are welcome with open arms,really terrific,but can't seem to get cats up here? Heaps laying dormant around boat shed,great facilities,great camping,but very,very few cat riders use the facility. Bloody shame. Geez, I'm a frustrated oooollldddd Mari rider & Cobra jockey, it pains my soul to watch my darlin' baby girl havin' the "time of her life" riding around on 'one legs.' She just does'nt know any different. Anyhow, I'll just keep pluggin' this site to see if we can get some interest.

Keep it batten side up,


( cats rule )

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