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just want to discuss one thing..

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Hi. i'm sorry if here is not the best place for this topic.

i work in online casino for 10 years. i know much about casino game.

in 2005 I een wrote a casino guide about casino strategy....

i like my work and i think that millions of people all over the world need it, becase they can't visit casino las vegas because it is too far.

but on other hand millions of people hate internet casino gambling. that people are kust against passion that is strange for me.

virtual gambling helps people to gain adrenaline... and somtimes even to win real money!

what is your opinion about internet gambling ?

have you ever played casino roulette ?

it's very important for me, because if my argosy casino is closed, i just loose my work...

PS. sorry for BB-code. i just never used it before and i want to check it.


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