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Maricat jib settings


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Do Maricat sailors use Barber haulers or tweakers on there jibs so the set proply when going off the brease. Like the Nacra 5.8 and 5.0 have on there jibs.

And when measuring mast rake. Do you get your trap wire and take it to the front of the boat to the tang then measure back to the stern of the boat.

Were does your mast rake sit on your boats.

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Barber Hauler systems are not class legal.

Class rules can be found on the Maricat website.

Most sloops use a track to change the sheeting angle. Most are attached on the Tramp/hull join. Some sloops attach their jibs to the middle of the tramp with a reinforcing wire underneath.

Sloops don't use trapese only Super Sloops. Many of the Supersloops (eg: national champion) don't use trapese either. Mast rake--tip of the mast just forward of the back beam..maybe 200 mm. Some boats use more some use less.

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