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Double Decker Trailer


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Wondering if anyone in NSW has modified a Trailer to take a second Mari 4.3 on Top.

Aprox price and contact would be appreciated.

Quoted price of $450-00 tody and think this is quite high.

If I can get the right price then two trailers would be done.

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I think you are missing a zero there..... and $4,500 seems about right for a custom gal trailor

I paid about $5,000 each for this trailer (2 x Built) and was painted in Hammer Coat. The builder said he under quoted for the box and would throw atleast another $500 on the price if he did it again. Also throw another $1000 on for Gal.

Another trailer builder quoted $7,000 each for 2 x.




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Build your own. My Dad has a 6 x 8 gal box trailer that is setup to carry 2 windrush 14's with a canvas canopy under the bottom boat. Dad had the box trailer made and then welded up his own cross bars and posts to set it up to carry 2 boats, then got it galvanised and it was a fair bit cheaper than getting one built by a professional.

The trailer has carried a windrush 14 on the bottom a Hobie 16 on top and a windrush 14 pulled down underneath the Hobie 16 + 2 sets of rollers, 3 masts and all the gear for the 3 boats plus all of the extra gear you take on holidays.

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