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accomodation for nationals

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Camping is probably about the best option there. I have checked the venue and other accomodation available is not within walking distance would definately need to drive in each day. The club there is great but just bring wheels for launching the boats (heaps of grass to rig on).

As mentioned, just call the club for camping etc. I found them very helpful when checking the venue.

Hope to see everyone there.

cheers !

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Has RQYS changed their website? They previously had a page which listed all the accommodation available within the Wynnum-Manly area, however I can't seem to locate this page again. Can anyone help with the directions within the website to locate this page or know where I found it first?....The Bitch's namesake

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Well its been a while since someone has had something to say, So it must be up to me to get the ball rolling again.

Went to the Gold Coast for little holiday

perfect one day pissing down the next but very relaxing anyway. Have found accommadation for nationals in december very nice well done Donna & Lesley.

If people are going then you need to book fast as it"s running out quick. Camping at the sailing club must be booked as well,lets start hearing from people who are going and lets party hard up there.

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We are expecting a group from Mannering Park of both Nacra and Maricats.

The Nacra Association is the organising authority for the event so we basically follow the same notice of race apart from the fact that we start a few days later and finish at the same time. Presentation is shared.

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