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Any tips on Flowcoat and finishes


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Hi folks. Trying to get my rudders and hull to a better surface condition for this season. Big scratches and chips all over.

Does anyone have any tips on applying flowcoat. such as how to get no brushmarks, how to get an even coat, do you have to always cut it back with wet and dry or is there a better method. Any tips or tried and proved tricks gladly accepted.

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I looked into re gelcoating my Nacra 5.8. You really need to spray it, and its best to mix it with a product called duratec that gets around the waxed/unwaxed issue. It all started getting very complicated, with the polyester resin going off in the gun with a working time of 8 minutes. How to keep a wet edge while reloading the gun, and cleaning out the passages, it all got too much.

SO i sanded off most of the old gelcoat, applied Interprotect epoxy primer by roller, sprayed on International Perfection undercoat and Perfection polyurethan finish. Came up looking fantastic but its been quite a lot of work. Wear good protection gear and put new charcoal filters in your mask if you're going to spray this stuff.

I highly recommend a really good random orbital sander. I had a little DeWalt 125mm, and lashed out on a big Makita 150mm geared random orbital that is just fantastic. Or go the whole hog and buy a Festo Rotax, you won't regret it if you do a lot of sanding.

Mind you, if your gelcoat is still pretty thick, you could just grind out and fill with gelcoat all the big scratches, and then just cut the old gelcoat back and then polish. Much much less work!!



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I have just painted a fibreglass yacht with 2 pack paint like they use on cars. No mess just paint over a well prepared smooth surface and you should get a great finish. A light first coat, let it get tacky then bomb it on the second coat. You wont need an oven if you paint in the shade and wheel into the sun to dry. Best of luck. Rob. PS.2Pack Spray guns are relativly cheap.R

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