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Trapese are allowed on the Super Sloops (one up sloop) but not on single sail cat or two man sloops.

My guess is that the cats will have the most boats, then Super Sloops. Not sure if there will be many Sloops.

Is anyone thinking of sailing Sloop at the Nats ?

I think the plan is for all boats to start together on one start line.

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Sloops are two man two sails with no trapeze. Cats are one man one sail and no trapeze. Super Sloops are one man, two sails with OR without trapeze.

You do not need a trapeze for Super Sloop, some of the best Super Sloop sailer do not have or use trapeze including the National and State Champion. In some conditions a trapeze will make you slower ! One more thing to think about, one more thing to get tangled.

You need to think about your weight and experience. A little light guy on a Super Sloop in a big breeze is a real hand full.

In my opinion a Sloop with a light weight crew is the best setup for a Maricat, but then I'm biased !!

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