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Maricat Wins14 Foot Cat regatta


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With some help from his father, Peter Breaden, young 9 year old Billy took out Yard Stick honours at the recent 14 Foot Cat regatta at Mannering Park. Fastest overall was Ian Marcovitch sailing a Paper Tiger. The First 3 places on Yard Stick went to 3 different types of boat, MAricat, Paper Tiger then Windrush. The racing was competitive and close over the 8 races which were held in light, moderate and strong conditions.

Skipper Boat Type Points Place

Billy Breaden Maricat 4.3 14 1

Ian Marcovitch Paper Tiger 21 2

Warren Pfeffer Windrush 32 3

Mick Colecliffe Maricat 4.3 41 4

John Merl Maricat 4.3 46 5

Rodney Anderson Maricat 4.3 52 6

Stephen HallidayPaper Tiger 53 7

Kim Marcovitch Paper Tiger 57 8

Darcy Wilson Maricat 4.3 62 9

Ryan Mayo Windrush 64 10

Robert Fox Paper Tiger 69 11

Brenton Curran Maricat 4.3 71 12

Scott Spencer Maricat 4.3 73 13

Justin Turvey Windrush 75 14

Adam Russell Windrush 107 15

Jason Kakato Maricat 4.3 109 16

Jerry Arnold Maricat 4.3 118 17

Jeff Main Maricat 4.3 123 18

Mark Granger Windrush 123 19

Max Windrush 123 20

Keith Hammer Windrush 129 21

Rob Rimington Maricat 4.3 146 22

Tony Toohey Maricat 4.3 154 23

Christopher B Nacra 14 Sq 154 24

Danny O'Shea Windrush 155 25

Stuart Taylor Windrush 159 26

Ron Walsh Windrush 169 27

Lindsay TownsendWindrush 170 28

Scott Kelly Windrush 171 29

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G'day Nick,

I believe they use the Koonawarra Bay Yardsticks, which were developed from some other yardsticks about 15 years ago and have been finely tweaked since, to the point that they are very reliable for mixed 14ft cat events.

You can view them on Koonawarra Bay Sailing Club's web site at www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au/yardsticks.html

At our annual 14ft Cat Regatta (February), we have had National and State champions in the various classes of 14ft cats and the results on yardstick have been very close, so I can recommend them.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the Paper Tigers near you are just very good!

Where are you located?


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC.

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Just to confirm. Yes, we used the Koonawarra Bay Yardsticks. We find them to be very good with the placings shared around the different 14 foot classes depending on who sailed best on the day.

At the Mannering Park Regatta we had State / National Title holders represented in Maricat (cat and sloop rig), Paper Tiger and Windrush and the racing was very close on yardstick. A paper tiger did take out fastest overall (non yardstick).

Hope to see everyone at Koonawarra in February smile.gif

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