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Mast Base


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Hi, Just wondering which way the mast base should face. With the mast stoppers at 45deg or the other way round at the 90deg end.Just checking the one I am on is the right way round.

Also are the Maricat sailors cutting the base of the mast at an angle to get more mast rake.

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Originally posted by Scott:

Mate I will be there, but on a 16sq. Have been coaching Dood to kick some but for Qld.( Village Idoit we will have to increase Doods training to two 6 packs of "Bundy" a day his brain is working to hard he is starting to think to much!!!!!)

Scott shoot me you e-mail; I got someting to ask you??



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Yep will be training had this weekend.( (Bundy training) And I will consult my trainer and coach next time.

I have been a bad boy again. ( Bad Son)

Going to bring grinder down to sort out this mast rake thing. And I might even let it loose inside the hull.

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It would be class legal to put the mast base on backwards although I have not seen it done. So long as you cannot adjust the rotation while sailing its fine under the rules.

Generally the rotation is set so that the back centre of the mast points at the side stays or slightly forward.

In the rules you are not allowed to have a mechanism to adjust the mast rotation while sailing e.g. no rotation spanner.

To allow for mast rake I use a slightly longer mast pin. newer masts have the pin at the correct length and nothing needs to be ground off the mast bases. some people also put a coin under the mast pin rather than grind away the mast base (5 cents will do it).

cheers ~

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