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Mast Repair


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If small enough, put a rivet in it, with some sealant. Why is the hole there ? It may mean that the mast leaks in other areas so when it capsizes the mast fills with water and this hole is to drain it. A cat with a mast full of water is almost impossible to right. As well as fixing the big hole you may need to reseal all the rivets.

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Yes this was the very first question I asked myself...where the bl**#y hell did that come from! It's about 2 inches away from the mast hound, am pretty sure the hole has nothing to do with the hound though. Capsized twice about 4 weeks ago in Botany Bay so may have happened then but can't be sure (didn't turtle). Only been out once since then and didn't seem to take water but was in light winds and noticed the hole at the end of day. Just had another look now and it's marginally bigger than a rivet (say 6mm diameter), so may need another repair option. I might try an aluminimum weld repair plus silicon all other rivets just to be sure.

Thanks again.


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