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NACRA and Maricat Nationals 2007-08


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The Nacra and Maricat Nationals will be held from Saturday 29 December 2007 to Friday 4 January 2008 at Port Stephens Yachting Club (http://www.psyc.com.au).

A newsletter with information will be sent out to Nacra and Maricat members soon.

I have attached some accommodation websites in the Port Stephens area as the summer holiday period can book out quickly. General booking dates open March 1 2007.





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just seen the dates for Maricat Nationals, as we used to live in Fingal Bay, the thought of sailing in a National Maricat titles again after 25years is really giving my son and i some excitment. Only problem is boats does anyone have a spare Maricat(age or type does not matter)that they can lend us or rent us for the titles. Our Maricat and trailer would not make the trip across the Nullabour, there again I would not enjoy the drive. Do not care about the condition of the boat, it's just that I would like to race again, my last race was in the World Hydras at Currumbin

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Mate, I am absolutly positve that we could russel up at least 1 43 and I would be disapointed if I couldn't russel up 2.

My brother Mark is coming over for the NSW state titles on wednesday. he has the new hulls and has a big chance of winning. The only thing in his way is me. He is from Bumbury in WA and will be getting his boat shipped over there to show the windies and hobies how it is done.

Give me a call a few months out. from the nats and I will oblige. Mick 0419999785.

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Thanks for the chance of getting a boat, if the wind is up for the States your brother will absolutely blitz the field. Since i have been over here i realise why WA sailors were great in the Heavy weather.If you cannot sail in 15knts to 25knts you might as well give up sailing in WA.

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