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Once again it was great to receive my maricat newsletter, thks must go to all involved.Like the Pirate i also think Port Kembla would be a great venue for the next States(08) , but has the assocation thought about moving these Regattas away from the busiest holiday periods , which may increase fleet sizes ? Accomadation

would be cheaper and leave from work a little easier to obtain.For example Easter next year is 21 to 24 of March , would a weekend during the school holidays 12th to 27th of April be better for participation ?

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I am not a Maricat sailor, but I was just wondering if you guys have considered using the Koonawarra Bay 14ft Cat Regatta as your NSW State Titles. The Windrush class have been using it for their States every second year for several years. We give them a separate start and they seem very happy with the arrangement and the event.

This year's regatta is on this weekend (10th & 11th February), while next year's will be on the 9th & 10th February. It is always held on the second FULL weekend in February.

We would charge the boats the usual regatta entry fee and you could charge them an additional amount to cover trophies (or whatever other arrangement you deem fit).

Anyway, just wanted to let you know so it could be considered as a viable option. If you want to know more about the event, have a look at the flyer on www.koonawarrabaysc.org.au or submit a reply here and I will answer it for you.


Dave Stumbles

Koonawarra Bay SC

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Hi Dave,

I have sent my new maricat down with a very inexperianced Tanilba Bay sailor who is showing huge potential. Young Lauchlan Tucker is coming down to stick his toes in the water on Sandwich Action. I am expecting him to put up a good fight against the Windrush super sloops on a scrach basis with the new cat rigged maricat.

I am looking forward to a good report from him on the club and the area. I for one would say down south is the pace for 08 states.

I have heard that there is friction between you blokes and Port Kembla which is a little of a concern because there are some top Mari sailors there including Zarah and Barry,

Any one else got any thoughts?

Mick your VP

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G'day humungus2,

Young Lachlan did very well in the first race, but struggled after that. We had 5 Maricats at the regatta.

I have no idea where the comment about friction came from. We had 9 Port Kembla boats at our regatta on the weekend, including Tony Zahra. We have always received terrific support and feedback from the Port Kembla guys.

In fact, when our club hosted the NS-14 States last Easter, Port Kembla provided a rescue boat and two guys to assist and the only payment they asked for was that we kept their guys fed!

I did hear a comment once that our guys don't support their annual Kembla Klassic regatta very well. However, we have always programmed it into our sailing calendar and never have a race at our club that weekend. Last season we even programmed one of our club's pointscores as one of the races IN the Kembla Klassic in an attempt to encourage our guys to attend it. There are nearly always at least some of our boats in attendance.

Anyway, good luck in finding a States venue. Keep our regatta in mind as an option or even the Kembla Klassic. Either event would be very suitable.

By the way Rodney (Pointed Reply), thanks for making the long trip up here for the regatta. Great effort. I hope you enjoyed it and enjoyed the close racing, especially amongst the Maricats in the short course races.



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