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Anyone rigged a trapeze to a Maricat?


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Have just brought another 4.3 Maricat that I'll be taking delivery of over Easter.

This time I'd like to fit a trapeze wire to the boat so I can get up off the deck and a bit further back in heavier weather to keep the nose up when its really flying.

Wondering if anyone has fitted a pair of trap wires to their Maricat, and in particular, where they attached the shock cords to, and how they brought them up above the tramp?

I figured tieing the shock cord to a fitting under the rear beam would be the obvious way to go, but I'm open to other suggestions?



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Hi Barry

On both my Mari's I run a continuous length of shock cord from one side of the boat to the other via a block on the chainplates and through the lacing centre tramp if you have that style tramp. Others have eyelets in the tramp one on each side and the cord goes under the tramp in about the same position as above. Having the cord back near the helm always seems to be in the way. Am sure there are other options also. Al

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