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Help!! ...Maricat Mast Needed


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Hi All,

Had an unfortunate incident on the weekend where I snapped the mast on my Maricat while competing in the Cat challenge at Lake Cootharaba.

After capsizing the mast became stuck in the mud, and it snapped during the process of trying to free it and wright the boat.

Once teh mast snapped I was in real trouble, and had to release all of the rig, and one rescue boat recovered the mast and sails, while a second rescue boat towed my now up turned Maricat back to shore.

So I now need another mast. I've already contacted the insurance company and they are sending me a claim forms, but I'm not certain it will be covered.

So I figured someone on here may know where there's a good Maricat mast laying around in a backyard thats not being used.

If anyone knows where there's a good mast for sale, please let me know. I can be contacted on either of the numbers below, or please send me an email.



07 3820 2120

0438 641 543


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Just an update on how things have turned out.

My Maricat was insured with RACQ. I posted the claim forms off last Friday. On Monday I was contacted by RACQ to say they would have an assessor come look at the boat on Tuesday at 8:30.

8:35am the assessor arrives and takes a look at everything and approved the repairs to the mast and mainsail on the spot.

Wednesday the boat was at BCC awaiting a new mast section fitout.

This was my first experience of having to make a claim with RACQ and I can't fault their service.



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