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Stolen sail


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Lost in transit by TNT at their Enfield Depot in Sydney. Not insured for transit.

1 x Maricat sail

Sail number: 5009

Maker: Red Head Sails

Radial cut

Half the sail is green and in a green sail bag.

Blue streak batterns

Reward to anyone with information leading to the return of the sail.

Contact Mick 0419999785

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Here is a photo of Mick's missing sail. Mick, you should use Fastway Couriers as they have internet tracking and are resonably priced. I sent a sail to Queensland and could see exactly where it was and once delivered an electronic signature was obtained and posted on the tracker.


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Thats a Bummer Mick,

Mind you, we use TNT all the time, and they occasioanlly loose stuf for a week, then it miraculously turns up out of the blue. So if your sail has only been missing a few days, give them a while longer. It might still turn up.

No good though if your hoping to compete in regatta on the weekend and the sail goes missing mid week.

Hope they can find it for you quickly.



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Yes the sails are regulation and are great. We have 3 mari's using these sails (none green) at Mannering Park. The design is influenced by the paper tigers but mostly we like the colours. I am also using a yellow version of the same sail now.

Mick, very unfortunate loss. Hope its found soon. If you need to borrow a sail in the short term I have a spare that you are welcome to use for now and at the Nats if needed.

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Still no word on it yet pickle?

We have had them lose 1/2 ton bundles of spring steel for us. Found it at lismore when the bundle was addressed to Kurri Kurri. Likely someone has decided it was a good seat for morning tea or it has been to hot for the knuckledragger to get off his bum, acually go out into the warehouse and look for it. When the courier company realises you are no longer dealing with them, they are pretty quick to call asking why, but when they lose something it's slowsville. Fastway used to be one of the worst in my opinion. Still are. Good luck for Port Kembla.

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Sorry to hear about the loss... This time of year is a horror for us too. 2 years ago (mid-December) we had 6 ton (yes 6) go missing, never to be seen again??

How in the name of all thats ridiculous, does a transport company lose 6 ton of aluminium extrusion, between a mill and our factory.... Perhaps the recent (at the time) increase in scrap prices to $1.70/kg helped a bit... ($10,200.00)... Last year and this year we are sending an absolute minimum....

As for "having a look", my missus reckons that it would be a "male" look, like where's my sox luv... "in ya' sock draw, stoopid"...

Hope it turns up.


Leroy wink.gif

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