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If Mark only got third in the Nats and he's from The West, the wind speed must have been light all regatta. Since moving here I have realised why WA sailors can sail in the heavy conditions.

If you can't handle 15 to 30 knts you might as well stay home. If my Maricat was not 25 years old I might have gone to Busselton. 25 years ago when I was race sec. for KCC i would have been racing.

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Marks boat is 20 years old. Is your boat a MK1 or MK2? Want to sell, Speak with Mark. Did you want the rudders or not?

The wind was a consistant 15 - 18k thats why I did so well being a phat 90kg

Mark was out classed and out sailed because of the lack of compertition over there.

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Thanks Hummy Its the rudder shape I am after,

not the rudders. If and when I get my MARICAT balanced and running correct I might go down and give Mark a go. Wether its a Mk1 or mk2 is a ?.

The sail #212 this would be the second lowest I have owned.During the Cat Craze I bought 9 Maris

before turning to Hydras. so if anyone can email

The rudder shape i would be grateful.

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