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This is my first foray into your site.Great to see so much interest. As I'm not active in the class I'll not enter into the discussions re foamies etc.I can help with history though.

1-Marie is the Christian name of the wife of Alan Meyer the designer-hense Maricat.I raced Alan at aPittwater regatta,he on an original Maricat 14, me on a Hawkecat.We got talking and, I liked his thinking, Hawkes weren't interested in building a 14,so I became involved.Here I am over 30 years later and still sailing cats[some people never learn]

2 We were using white sails in late 70s.

3 I have full results of first Nats[Terrigal] if you need for archives.

4 Approx. 40 4.3s exported to Europe 79/80

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