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Hobies Rule?


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How about Waterhouse taking a H18 from Sydney to Hobart last week?

It came into Batemans Bay last Wednesday on the way down the coast.

Any takers to try this in a Maricat??

Back in the good old days there used to be a race for H16s up the USA east coast for several hundred Kms.

Maybe you young'uns could try, say, Port Stephens to Jervis Bay. Plenty of places to stopover on the way. Newcastle, Swansea, Pittwater, Sydney, Shellharbour, and so on. Now that would be a real marathon.

Would like to join you but I have a leaky hull.

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Down here we have a race for surf boats where they row from Batemans Bay to Eden.

It is called the George Bass marathon. Takes several days and they beach at night.

This year it was sponsored by the Royal Australian Navy.

With sponsorship paying for rescue boats, food and accommodation it could work. I would guess that because it is an event with safety boats some of those idiotic maritime rules don't apply.

Do you know that to sail on Batemans Bay in a maricat, Maritime says that I have to carry:


a V sheet

an anchor

secondary means of propulsion

2 daytime flares and 2 nightime flares

2 litres of water

a torch

a chart

Well, I have a PFD and a jib so I get 2 points. Not sure if my smokes qualify as flares and beer qualifies as water. And who needs a chart if you can see land and understand that if it is on your right then you are going south.

If I go out in a jetski all I need is a PFD.

You figure............

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