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A few years on from the discussion. They used to be sailed in good numbers at Latrobe Valley, Williamstown and Nedlands (wa). I sailed one for 6 years competing in nationals and state titles.  We would get 30 boats at the nationals. If you want any more detail give me a call 0409 365977. Paul

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I sailed Kittys at Williamstown for about 12 years, Great boat, very underrated. They are still sailed there but only in low numbers. I have quite a few pictures of them in their old, smaller rig configuration but can't seem to post them here for some reason.

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Just found these pages and although originally an old post, I saw John D. posted in March this year.  My grandfather Sid Stroud used to build these cats in Coffs Harbour and I can still remember the mould he made for the Coffs Harbour Sailing Club (as it was then, and known now as the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club).  He is skippering That Darn Cat in the attached photo. I was only 8 years old in May 1969 when this was taken off the Jetty in Coffs Harbour back then, but I was the one to come up with the name of the new cat.  My brother and grandfather drove to Perth in 69 or 70 for the Australian ? or South Pacific ? championships along with one other kitty from Coffs. The other kitty's in the photo are Banana J (the dark hull) and Felix behind TDC.  There is one Kitty left in Coffs as at 2021 but it hasn't been in the water for years. Most of the others went to Grafton I believe when Coffs started to sail Hobie Cats.  But imho Hobies just don't have the look or feel of a 12 foot Kitty running 380 square foot of sail  compared to a Hobie 16's 218.

Looking for a hull to restore if anyone knows of one around?

That Darn Cat.jpg

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