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Keepit Cool Regatta


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Hi all

Saturday was 2 light wind races, which suited Jason as he weighs about the same as a piece of paper. Sunday was a bit better wind allowing bulldozer to use the trap, 3 races with almost everyone following the leader (bulldozer) around a mark the wrong way (must remember port course all marks to port)in the 2nd race, 8 dsql 3 tailenders got it right. 3rd race for the day bulldozer finally got it right, first again and no disq, felt good to beat a Nacra 5.0, sqr 16 hobie turbo and Jason.

Monday started fairly light and just got lighter, going down to nothing, in which even Jase had trouble maintaining forward movement how did it feel Jace to sit within a metre of the finish line and not mve for 20 minutes, full marks to a fantastic young sailor who did'nt lose his cool and who concentrated on the job at hand for the entire race. Look out Pickle, Jase will be the next maricat world champ before you realise it. Funiest sight was young Chris having a footstrap malfunction and ending up in the fridgid water, never seen a bloke climb back onto a catamaran so quickly.

A good weekend, thanks LKSC.

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