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tramp midline binding


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knowing the tramp has to be tight to create stiffness,when i bought the mari,the threaded section down the mid-line was bound with rubber-cord,I believe if this was replaced with rope and tensioned ,It would create greater stiffness,does this make sense,[the tramp is a one piece]

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The short and simple answer is yes.

The newer tramps are cut on a diagonal basis and the tramp gets tighter on itself.

The older tramps are tightened across ways by the central thread and length ways by the thread at the rear.

To get a lot of tension, try using two sets of vice grips. But first make sure that the treading is done loosely or you will find the tramp takes an impossible shape.

It is easier to show you rather than to try to explain.

The Maricat Association has members all opver NSW and into Victoria and Qld as well. If you advise where you are located I am sure someone will make themselves available to assist.

The cost of a new tramp is not prohibitive and as this single item can affect the rigidity of the Boat, it is also worth considering.

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