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The last 3 pics were taken at Lake Colac, back around the early 70's, at a guess its about 1972 ???


Chris ( the blond kid at #2's jib) is the owner of  impara #2..... he sails an A-class and is still an active sailor



nice new varnish on the hulls .....







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Hi me again, wow that is a blast from the past, the ply tramp on no2 is a bright red but when I was sanding the tramp on my impara (no2?) it was only blue, no red any where between top coat through to the ply? Possibly no2s sails on another hull?

In your pictures no2 already has the aluminium mast

The ply hulls varnished do look amazing

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Just looked at the grain on the ply on the lefthand hull in your pictures and it matches my hull so it is definitely the same cat

Somebody must have done an amazing job of getting rid of the red before repainting it blue

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Hi I'm an old old sailor that started watching the skinner bros (arrows) sailing and bought a set of mosquito plans. the Impara looks like scaled down mossy hulls. When I built  the mosquito hulls the second one only took a long weekend to complete and while waiting for resins to go off I shaped both rudders and gave the boards final sanding & varnishing. The only change I made to the hulls was to force a wedge of foam into the bottom of the stem to improve the subsurface  bouyancy.

The hulls were underweight and were so strong that the bloke that I sold it to collapsed the main beam whilst sailing around magnetic island. I had beefed up the beam with solid orregon and the striker tensioner was 20 wide stainless strapping. The actual failure occurred when the strapping sliced the heads off the 5/16 ss tensioning bolts ... no damage to the hulls.

Currently my granddaughters are learning to sail on an AC but I have a pair of partially completed 12' mossy style hulls sitting in the shed. If you want pics just ask.

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