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STATES 08/09


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Finally time for the state championships again.The states are at port kembla from the 29th-30th of november.

class champs from the last states are:

cat rigged- jeff reid (havoc)

cat rigged classic and junior champ- jason katato (sweet sixteen)

sloop- tony & amy zahra (white wave)

supersloop- peter breaden (black pearl)

classic supersloop- the pirate

ladies champ- donna grant (keep it up)

sailing instructions are on the maricat

site now.

so come down to port kembla and support the class and most importantly have a great weekend sailing.


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Cat Overall: 1)Michael Colecliffe, 2)Peter Breaden, 3)Mark Colecliffe

Cat Classic: 1)Jason Kakato, 2)Chris Zahra, 3)Chris Blackford,

Super Sloop Overall: 1)Phil Johnson, 2)Donna Grant, 3)Scott Spencer

Super Sloop Classic: 1)Donna Grant, 2)Nick Ward

Sloop Overall: 1)Tony and Amie Zahra, 2)Rodney and Zachary Anderson, 3)David Zahra and Melissa Bollinger

Sloop Classic: 1)Rodney and Zachary Anderson, 2)David and Melissa Bollinger

Junior Award: Jason Katato.

Overall: 1)Michael Colecliffe (FS), 2)Peter Breadon (FS), 3)Tony and Amie Zahra (FS),4)Mark Colecliffe (FS), 5)Jason Kakato (Cl), 6)Chris Zahra (Cl), 7)Phil Johnson (FS), 8)Rodney and Zachary Anderson (Cl), 9)Steven Backhouse (FS), 10)Bredton Curran (FS), 11)Donna Grant (Cl), 12)Chris Blackford (Cl), 13)Scott Spencer (FS), 14)David Zahra and Melissa Bollinger (Cl), 15)Nick Ward (Cl), 16)John Taylor (FS), 17)Megan Brewin (Cl).

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