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new mari owner


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hi everyone

just bought a maricat 4.3 , i think it's over 25 years as i have the colorful sail

but i have a few problems the front mast cable is about 1 meter short to the front cable (the one in between the hulls ) is there a reason for that and would a pulley and rope can be fitted in between or that would be to risky/dodgy ?

It came with a jib , very small (probably 1.7sqm) is that the classic size ?

and it's in very poor condition how much for a new one and where is the best place to get one ?

an other think is the Dolphin Striker is fairly tied but i can pull it down about 1 cm (when pulling quite hard) is that ok or should it be titer ?

I live in the victorian alps and plan to take it to lake eildon and to sorrento on the mornington peninsula is there any one around there who sail a maricat regularly ?

I would like to apologize for the non technical language of my question , as I said i am just starting and was hopping for some pity and help

thanks for any help

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You should have cats whiskers or two cables running from the bows up to the forestay like an upside down 'Y' as well as four shrouds to keep the mast up.

Really tighten up the dolphin striker so that it makes the front beam & striker share equally the compression forces from the mast. I bent a front beam because I didn't know how tight the striker should be.

Go to the Maricat webpage for everything you need to know on maintenance and correct set up.

go to : http://www.maricat.net/index2.htm

Some people in this forum sell new and second hand mari's and other cats so finding bits shouldn';t be a problem. The brisbane catamaran centre sells new ones and has a complete list of parts. Call your nearest sailing club and find out who has a mari and talk to them. There are plenty of clubs on port phillip bay, with websites to source contact fone numbers from. welcome to the cat sailing fraternity, maris are an excellent,durable and dependable cat if they are properly maintained.

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I do have thoses cats whiskers but the luff wire is 60-70 cms short to rich the cats whiskers can i fill up that gap with a rope in between two pulley witch would help adjusting the tension for the side stays(there is no adjustment for the tension of the side stay except the chainplates)

making any sense?

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