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Forster 14

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I had a very nice sail at Speers Point on Sunday - Speers Point Anzac Day regatta, lots of big cats - Nacra's F18's John Cootes in his pretty A class, five 14ft cats and a bunch of varied mono's from VS skiffs to a lone Sabot.

Weather was misearable during setup but pretty clear during the race and a fantastic light show after the presentations - a huge cumulus cloud in white with other smaller clouds in gold and a backdrop out to sea of dark storm clouds with a thick rainbow. The foreground was picked out in the setting sun, just amazing.

Wind, well, 4 knots I guess, just occasionally the trap guys smiled with a couple of heavier pressure periods lasting a good minute each time!! Mick had a bad hair day and got Bulldozed at the finish but I had a fabulous day that started by picking the right end of a very heavily biased line (could only just cross the line on stbd), not stuffing up any tacks and geting some of the fabulous lifts that come with a Westerly at Speers.

They'd had a bit of an accident the day before apparently when a big cat smashed into an arrow (or smaller wooden cat). Some broken bones apparently - there was a warning at the briefing about the big cats going fast.

I think the results take a few days to get onto the club website.

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