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VYC Yardsticks 2007-2008

Darryl J Barrett

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The yardsticks for the F14 (among others) have just been posted by the Victorian Yachting Council, for the coming season, 2007 – 2008.

On the comparative results over the past four seasons the F14 yardstick has been reduced from 77 to 76. The difference between 77 and 76, at this level is a fairly large jump and is reflective of the consistently competitive performances of the F14 against the larger cats with which they compete.

Noted also the F16 yardstick has been adjusted upwards from 71 to 71.5 which is slowly bringing the “result driven” comparison between the F14 and the F16 closer together.

When the 76 rating of the F14 is compared to cats such as Hobie 14 at 94.50, Hobie 16 at 81.50, Taipan 4.9 cat rigged at 76.5, and most of the 14’ cats up in the high 80’s and low 90’s, it says a lot for the proven performance of the F14 as the fastest 14’ cat ever, and still with potential to perform even better.

As a simple comparison this means that an F14 could give a Hobie 14 an 18-minute start in a 100-minute race and still finish across the line over a half a minute ahead of them. For a 14’ cat that’s pretty “awesome”!

YARDSTICKS 2006 – 2007

A CLASS. 71.00

ARAFURA. 113.00

ARROW. 91.00

CALYPSO 14A. 93.00

CALYPSO 14R. 92.50

CALYPSO 16. 85.50

CALYPSO 4.4. 85.00

CAPER CAT. 103.00

COBRA. 84.00

DOLPHIN. 85.00

F14. 76.00

F16. 71.50

F18. 70.00

HOBIE 14. 94.50

HOBIE 16. 81.50

HOBIE 17. 82.50

HOBIE 18. 78.50


KITTY CAT. 99.00

MARICAT 4.3 CAT. 94.00

MARICAT 4.3 SLOOP. 92.00

MARICAT 5.0. 80.00


MOSQUITO - With Spinnaker. 80.00

NACRA 14 sq. 84.50

NACRA 16sq. 79.50

NACRA 5.0. 81.00

NACRA INT 17. 72.50

NACRA 5.8. 72.00

NACRA 5.8 with Spin. 70.00


SCAT. 96.00

TAIPAN 4.9 CAT. 76.50

TAIPAN 4.9 SLOOP. 73.50

TAIPAN 5.7. 70.00

TAIPAN 5.7 with Spin. 67.50

TORNADO Post 2002. 65.00

YVONNE. 85.50


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I thought the VYC yardstick was just that,

The "Victorian Yachting Council"

yardstick, nothing to do with YA,

We all use it as reference only, as Darryl says,if you don't send results and info, you don't get any mention,only maybe in the old archived lists.

pete smile.gif

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A class doesn’t have to be affiliated with YA direct to have an “official” yardstick – enough results just have to be posted for comparative performance calculations against other classes.

We use the Yachting Victoria yardstick because all the other ”state” yardsticks that were used in years past have all “self destructed” due to no one being willing to “update” them regularly for the same reasons – associations were not sending in any current results. Yachting Victoria is the only source that still maintains a yardstick register.

I think you will find that the Windrush Association (Mari cats as well) in some states IS/ARE still affiliated with their state YA’s and as such, through that affiliation they are affiliated with Yachting Australia (and by default with the ISAF)

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There needs to be the results of at least 15 to 20 "Bona Fide" races with several different classes all sailing the same course, same start, same finish, POSTED to the yardstick coordinator at Yachting Victoria every season for the calculations and subsequent yardstick to be accurate. It doesn’t matter whether these results come from Darwin, Melbourne, NSW or the Antarctic. Just as long as the racing is representative. It really isn’t all that much to ask of a class secretary to collect and post off results throughout the season is it? For many years, during the seventies and eighties this was done religiously and didn’t seem to be any sort of an imposition. If you want to be able to race in mixed fleets where there may be several cats sailing that represent only one each of their class, AND you want to have some sort of accurate “corrected” times for all the finishers, then a yardstick has to be maintained. If it isn’t then racing in mixed fleets will be “over the line first wins” or purely “one design” classes racing only within and against their own class, and any other one or two boats of a different class just sailing along in the race for “fun” without the ability to be afforded any result (other for their elapsed times)

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There are a lot of clubs around the country that post their weekend club racing result on the web early in the following week. These results along with a description of the weather that day, the course, the elapsed times, and whether or not there were any state or national champions sailing in those races, can be copied and emailed to Yachting Victoria.

They have to be actually sent to YV, as the coordinator, being a volunteer, doesn’t have the time, resources, or accessibility to all those different web sites to do that job himself. Nor should he be expected to. He will coordinate, calculate the yardsticks, and update them every season though IF he gets the results.

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Problem with the F14 VYC yardstick is, it really only represents what is happening in South Australia.

That makes it very hard for F14's [430] to compete against the fleets in NSW using that YS.

Koonawarra Bay SC have the most accurate records of the 430 performance [cat rigged] and their YS is 85. I'd guess that with the spinnaker I'd need 79 to be competitive here.

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It’s really quite simple Berny, if you keep the results of the races that you sail in and either post them directly to YV or email them to me and I will post them together with the results from here, then they will be included within the overall calculations for the yardstick.

The more results, from the widest range of races, the more representative the yardsticks.

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From what Antony and Emile both told me from the time that you all sailed together, your 430 is potentially capable of being fully competitive with the Alpha’s. Although like most of these things, it would help enormously if there was another F14 there that you were able to sail with/against every week. It has been of great benefit to the Alpha’s here when there are two of them “pacing” each other every time they sail, the regular competition obviously help them to improve.

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