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Rubber Repairs


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3 options:

- use "Body Filler" putty to fill the indentations & then sand smooth - to 1200grit. Option of painting white to look nice

- mix white powdery stuff (various product names, or cornflour) with polyester resin to make your own putty, then fill and sand smooth as above

- apply silver duct tape to form a mould, then pour runny polyster resin into the tape. Sand & finish as above

The 1st option is the easiest (Body Filler from any hardware store - the type used to bog in rust holes in old cars), but the putty is not very strong, remains relatively soft and is easily damaged in future

The 2nd option may have a slight weight saving, but for the quantities we're talking about, probably not worth the hassle

The 3rd option has the bonus of better penetration to any cracks or exposed foam, and probably the strongest. You'd probably find bubbles, so have to perform the operation twice.

When sanding, use a sanding block to ensure a nice, flat perfect shape. Take it easy' maybe start with 120 grit, then 240, 400, 600, 1200. Try not to sand off too much gelcoat from the rest of the blade.

Good luck with it!

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