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PT Nats

Greg W

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Yes Greg, that's correct. For some reason the ties haven't been resolved on the website. So it should say that Bryan Anderson won from Bruce Rose. Note that the tie in 7th is also in the wrong order, and should have Richard McKeon in 7th with Stephen Brayshaw 8th.


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That's one of the great things about PTs. They are both an excellent training ground for going onto bigger things as well as a great class to stay in for many years.

An excellent example is Glenn Ashby, the current "A" Class Cat World Champion,who started in PTs.

Yet there are also guys who have been in the class since its inception and are still loving it.

I believe there are some key reasons why the class is so successful, some of which are:

- Good size Nationals fleets (the recent one had 40 boats despite being in a location that wasn't the home of a PT fleet);

- Sailed in many states (Qld, NSW, SA, Tas and Vic represented at this last Nationals);

- Good fleets in New Zealand which provides the sailors an opportunity to represent their country at the International Series sailed twice every three years;

- A class that has enough freedoms to keep 'tinkerers' interested, but retains a one-design focus that keeps everyone competitive;

- A boat that is well balanced and an absolute pleasure to sail, whether you are young or old.

Pass on my congrats to Brendan, Greg.



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you guys beat me to it. i tried to post yesterday but it didnt work.

the nats were a great success. beautiful spot, yacht club was great, good rigging area etc.

the racing was good on most occasions apart from racing us in 2 races that were in 0 knts and then sending us out in 15 knts knowing there was a squall on the way and when it hit - broken masts, many capsizes etc.

congrats to jolly and the team for a job well done i had a ball.

cant wait until tassie next year hopefully some of u NSW crew make it down (williams' spring to mind) havent seen u guys for 3 years now!

take it easy


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Bruce R and I stayed in a 4 bed house in Victor Harbour and it was sensational compared to a cabin at $100 per night. Talk to local real estate agents. This house was through Professionals.


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