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PT Chain Plates

Nick B

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Shoom that system was put together by a bunny who couldnt use a measuring tape!!! look how many shackles are being used!! thats is rediculous.

the left hand side chainplate would be better served by an RF2331 and a correct length stay.

and the right would be much better with RF1578M0304 type 1 turnbuckle.

not sure if these fitting's existed in the early 80's.


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HooD : that setup was off one of the top 20 boats!

infact going by the foreword the manual was released in 1980. generally though it is still very relevant, a few things such as sail cuts and centreboards have changed obviously , but the (very indepth) sections about setting rig tension are spot on.

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I use Staymasters on the lower backstays, as they can be adjusted more readily and in smaller increments.

3/32 STAYMASTER fittings @ US$25

The supplier I used was:

Mark A. Michaelsen

The Sailing Pro Shop

SPS Website: http://www.sailingproshop.com


194 Marina Dr. Suite 201

Long Beach, CA 90803

(562) 594-8749 Voice

(562) 594-0208 FAX

(800) 354-7245 Order Line

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