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TRailering and other tidbits


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Hi Fellas,

I have been working diligently on my boat getting her ready for the primer coat.

In addition, I have been sourcing and ordering other bits and pieces.

I have ordered a new complement of sails for her. I ordered a new square top main from Whirlwind sails along with a hooter and spinnaker to boot. I just found a windsurfer mast that I can take for free to use as my spinnaker pole. I also got a hold of the smallboat high load harken furling setup :)

My dad has given me a windward sheeting traveller car but I need to get some track for it. I also got nice a pair nice foresail fairleads with came cleats that operate on a track that I will be monunting on the front beam.

It looks like the paper tiger is turning into a Formula 14 type boat. Sorry if that offends some, but I just wanna go fast, not race ;)

I also got new rudder blades(my boat has hobie 14 standing rigging and rudder setup).

I am now looking seriously at trailers and I think I may have found one locally that I can get for a good price. IT has no rollers r pads, but I think I can muck something up to get it to work :)

I need to come up with a name for her now, "mish-mash" might be apropos seeing as she is made of various parts boats....

I think this thing is going to go like stink. With all that boyancy in the forward hulls she should fly a hooter or a chute pretty nicely.


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I definitely recommend that you set your trailer up so that the Paper Tiger is carried by the beams, not the hulls. The hulls are loaded up too much to do it that way.

Many people have two frames that come up under the front beam (or just forward of it), then run back to just past the back beam and then drop again to the trailer. Put padding on this and then sit the boat on it with the beams resting on the frame.

The beams should be close to the hulls, but not close enough to rub.

A standard Australian box trailer's corners suit this arrangement very well, but the draw bar needs to be extended. Hopefully Canada has similar trailers.



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