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Neighbour threw a wrench in my plans


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Right now I am living at my in law's house. My wife and I sold our home last year and are saving for a new house(being built).

Well, this afternoon after work(14:30 or so) I decided that is was a nice afternoon and I had time before dinner, I would sand my boat for a while.

I got my sander all set up with a new sheet and got the cord all plugged in and started to sand. I got about 2 feet done and I heard someone yelling. IT was the neighbour. He yelled YELLED at me in front of my kids and sister in law who was over with her kids too.

He said"

"Are you going to sand that F*&KING boat every god damn day? You have sanded it everyday since Victoria Day(Queen Victoria's birthday)."

I was very taken aback. Stunned you could say. I did not know what to say in response. Now, I KNOW I have sanded this boat on 5 separate occasions. Not every day. The longest of those sessions was about 5 hours.

I ended up sanding the rest of that side of one hull. I then decided that I did not want to stir the pot with this guy as I do not actually live here and he will still be there after I have moved into my new home, but my in-laws still have to live with him.

Is long-boarding effective at sanding fill spots and for sanding between coats of paint? My father in law just says to ignore the guy and keep on going, but I do not want to provoke this guy.

I could not believe the way he spoke to me. If he had asked nicely, I would have been ore than apologetic and happy to accomodate him. Now?....I am tempted to start sanding on saturdays and sundays at 07:00.

I was rather proud of hte restriant I showed in front of my kids, there was a time when I would have dropped the gloves and gone at it.... inlaws or no inlaws....

Frustrated in Canada,


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Try discussing with him what you are trying to do and when you are likely to finish. Ask him if he can cope with that. Also explain you won't be living there that long and don't want to upset people but would like to get the job done.

He MAY just understand and approve.

Promise him a sail on the boat if he does!

Hopefully he was just having a bad day.


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neighbours can sometime be buggers. I like annoying them - especially when my cousins live on one side smile.gif

I know that in Australia, there are laws when you can use powertools, and if you sanding at the right times, then there's nothing your neighbours can do - I had the same problem when I was working on my boat at my Grandmothers. Times for us is from 7am till 8pm weekdays, and from 8am till 8pm weekend and public holidays.

It's not as if you will be doing it for months and months. I would use the electric sander to get the surface smooth (as you are doing) but once you get undercoat on, use a longboard or at least a 1/2 sheet block as you have more control over it, and can see easier (also once undercoated, all sanding I do is wet anyway, and electric is a no no).

Probably the best thing to do is to try and get it done in the least number of sessions.

I'm guessing this neighbour doesn't do anything constructive like you.


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