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Fairing and filleting done now.


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I repaired the rotted spots by the inspection port and faired the hulls and deck today.

I used West System epoxy and the micro balloon powder as filler. It was like using drywall(wall board?) mud/spackle/plaster. WOrking time was about 15 minutes or so before it would start balling up and not spread properly.

I will be sanding it tomorrow after I get home from picking up the trailer. Things are starting to move apace now.

I have also secured a Harken mini furling kit along with a wind surfer mast to use as my hooter pole.

I picked up the topsides paint the other day, White and Navy Blue. I am going to do the hulls Navy Blue and the decks white.

I have now started working on the dagger boards. I have sanded one down and am in the process of making a template to make both of the blades symmetrical. IF I cannot do that, my father in law is a hobby carpenter(he builds funiture) and he has offered to halp me make new blades. The ones I have seem far too short and the aspect ratio seems far to small. Short and stubby does not look fast to me...

I am actually enjoying this. The hulls look like crap right now, but I think the finish is going to be great on them. Lord knows I have put a lot of prep work into each hull.

I will be using the Petitt Easypoxy Topsides paint.

Next up, I will be sandblasting and paint the mast in my bro-in-law's workshop. I could use his shop to paint the hulls but it would be a hassle having to leave them there as I would not be able to work on them.

Do I need to do any over coat on top of the easypoxy topsides paint? The boat will be stored indoors when it is not sailing.


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I will take some pix tomorrow.

I wet sanded the hulls with my girls again today. Down to 400 grit wet/dry paper. The girls were a GREAT help, Lucy(6) would hold the hose and rinse for us while Regan(10) and I sanded.

The bows came out great. They look like heck but they are silky smooth.

I am now waiting on a new square headed main(Super R from Whirlwind) and a hooter setup.

I need to get the following:

1. Traveller track and car

2. Main sheet block setup, the one right now is antiquated

3. New lines

4. Trapeze harness and hiking straps

5. New bungee chords for the dagger boards

6. Hiking stick/tiller extension. A golf club handle is not going to cut it I think.

The work that remains is to actually paint the hulls. They will be white topsides and bottom most facets. The free board will be navy blue.

Dagger boards need to be prepped and painted. I have done the initial sanding on them but no fairing as yet.

I got "new" rudder blades today, so I need to take the old ones off and scrap them. The "new" ones came off a hobie 14. They are the EPO blades

I am going to fair one more time just ot make sure I got all the right spots.

Like I said, the hulls look like crap right now. They are all patchy and the paint is sanded to the epoxy in some spots(epoxy still intact though).

She may be a fugly duck but she is mine and I am already having fun without sailing her :)

Soooooo cannot wait to do the wild thing on a screaming reach.....


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