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Restoration Timeline has been thrown out...


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Woke up at 02:30 with terrible back pain and cramps. I got up thinking I had eaten something that had gone bad or something. I sat up in bed and tried to get up. I ended up sprawled on the floor. I crawled to the bathroom thinking I still had eaten something bad. I went to stand up to get on the toilet and could not straighten up at all. I then figured I strained my muscles. I sat down on the head to rest and could not seem to catch my breath and the pain was coming in waves. Everything went woozy for about 10 minutes. Now iti s spring time here and I have bad allergies so I am sleeping the basement cause my snoring is keeping the wife awake. Well, I crawled up two flights of stairs and into our bedroom and woke up hte wife. By this time I was scared something was wrong but did not want to alarm my wife. I told her I was driving down to the hospital Emergency(Casualty to you guys I think). She asked if I was ok, and then suggested pepto-bismal. I told her I think I wrenched my back and was going to see the doctor. She said ok want went back to bed. Well, I tried to go back downstairs and I couldn't and the pain was so bad at this point I was bleary eyed and the pain was so bad I was wretching and felt like I was going to puke right then and there. There was no way I could drive let alone get in the car myself. My wife got up and called her mom to watch the girls and we went down to emergency.

By the time I got to the hospital the pain constant with evn higher peak coming in waves. I was sweating profusely and panting like crazy. I could not help it, the pain would take my breath away.

So, we get in I check in and hte triage nurse checks me out. They take me in hte back after about a 5 minute wait(which I knew was bad because the wait is usually at least 15 minutes). Within minutes, I am in a bed and a nurse is hooking up a morphine drip! I am scared shitless as by now I think something is REALLY wrong. The nurse eventually turns to me and asks if this is the first kindey stone I have ever had....

I had heard, but never thought it would be that bad. Right now, I am on percoset(oxycodone) and feeling pretty good, but I can still feel the pain, it just not longer bites...

Anyone else gone through this? Please tell me that the pain is not as bad for the rest of it as it was last night?

Already long story short, I went for the CT scan this morning and it is 7mm in diameter and I have to go see a urologist and piss through a strainer until told differently....


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Hi Andrew

I had about three years worth of getting a kidney stone, each year about the same time of year.

On the last occasional, they just pulled back the bed sheets to put me in, as soon as the nurse did that - it passed. I felt really bad, having just sat through the paper work and messing up the bed.

The time before that, we were 5km from the hospital (30km trip) and it passed as well, I kept going because I'd rang ahead, and then told them it was gone, but they still wanted me to stay the night, which I declined.

They tell you the same thing every time, 'you need to drink lots', so I've just finished my second beer.

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Doctor asked 'Are you drinking plenty of liquids?

I said 'yeah lots'

He said 'what?

I said '2 litres of Coke a day and about 12 cups of coffee'

Doc' thats a recipe for a stone the size of a house brick, When I say liquids I mean water.

Lady at work said the pain she experienced from her kidney stones was worse than giving birth!

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Its pretty bad, it starts with just not feeling very well in the stomach, which isn't too bad, but gets a lot worse, I once described it as having one of your spuds in a vice.

One time I was in hospital, they were running out of pain killing options, but a hot water bottle or heat beed pack can help a little bit, enough to get you through to the next shot of whatever.

My old man has a gut problem, which came to head while he was in the army. On one visit to a specialist he was asked of his drinking habits, first question, what do you drink? 'Rum and Coke' 2nd question, how many would you have a week? '1, possibly 2' Is that all?, the doctor asked, 'yeah, maximum two BOTTLES!

Still drinks it, but only the occasional glass. Its where I got my taste for Bundy I think, would have one over beer anyday.

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I went to emergency at 2am. I'm lying there and the Doc wanders up and said what do you want? I said pain relief, he said in future stay at home and let the stone pass and he wandered off again. I thought 'you b#@!%$d'

Half an hour later the pain eased and I was going to go looking for the doctor to give him an earful when I found him and the nurses working to save accident victims. That certainly put things in perspective.

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Wow, BH, for someone who has only posted 40 times since sept 2004, you're pretty uppity....

Perhaps instead of slagging my topic, maybe you can start a new productive thread? Or are you the type of asshat that just likes to bitch and moan about everything?

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