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Update and woes again....


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Well, was feeling pretty good so I felt that I would do a little work on the boat.

I discovered that on one of the bottom panels(not sure of the proper term) on the inside of hte hull, it has a split where the first layer of plywood has pulled back. It runs the length of the panel(bad piece?) and is uniform in size. From the outside, the hull is sound. There is no difference in tone when tapping it, nor can I discern and difference in plyability or integrity of the hulls.

The question is, how do I fix it? I was thining of injecting epoxy right into the split layer and filling it up. Is that he right thing to do? I really do not want to cut out a panel as I do not think it is required. There does not appear to be any rot or softness around it. I am working through an inspection hatch, so visability is limited.

One pump of resin and one pump of hardener ought to fill it. Keep in mind, I am not racing this thing so weight is not THAT big an issue.


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