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Two coats of primer on now


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Got two coats of primer on her today. I did the first early this morning and then waited until it was dry and sanded with 150 grit paper. I put the second coat on around 6pm this evening.

I had to put it together just to remember what it looked like. I also used that time to measure the distance between the hulls to build my trailer.

HEre are some pictures:




I noticed that all you guys do not use the front cross beam. Should I ditch that? I was going to keep it as I think it adds a little more strength to the boat.

I will be putting on the first coat of paint this weekend.

I also was looking at the rudders, but I cannot get them to lock i nthe down position, it looks like the cam is seized, is there a way to free it up?


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Hi All,

Thank you for the words of encouragement. Today I will be doing my inital coat of actual paint. Wish me luck.

Yes it is a hobie mast step, the mast and sail are from a hobie 14. The sail I will be using is the Square Topped 5oz Dacron from Whirlwind sails in San Diego.

The kids are getting excited as they can now visualize what the boat will look like as they have only ever seen it in peices shoved off to the side of the yard. My 6 year old asked how am I supposed to fit in the little holes to sit...

The finish is not all that great, you can see drag marks where the trowel I used had an imperfection. They look to be about a 1/16 of an inch deep. I am going to just paint over it as I just want to get on the water.


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