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NSW Paper Tiger State Point Score - Round 1


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The first round of the 2007-08 NSW Paper Tiger Catamaran State Regatta Point Score was held at Concord & Ryde Sailing Club over the weekend (15 & 16 September).

A fleet of 14 Paper Tigers raced the four races, the second of which was as part of the club's standard Saturday afternoon club race.

Some very close and tight racing was experienced but, in the end, Wagga's Garry Williams was the convincing winner. The next four places were separated by only two points, with second place being decided on a count back.

The second round of the point score will be held as part of the Mannering Park 14ft Cat Regatta in October.


Dave Stumbles




1st – "Characin III" Garry Williams (Wagga Wagga BC) DNF-2-1-1, 4pts

2nd – "Broken Wind" Kim Marcovitch (Mannering Park YC) 10-1-7-2, 10pts

3rd – "Characin II" Anthony Williams (Concord & Ryde SC) 1-10-6-3, 10pts

4th – "Second Wind" Wayne Eager (Koonawarra Bay SC) 5-4-2-8, 11pts

5th – "Dipsi Danis" Steve Halliday (Mannering Park YC) 2-11-3-7, 12pts

6th – "Pussyfoot" Rohan Nicol (Wagga Wagga BC) 6-5-4-5, 14pts

7th – "Mojo" Ian Marcovitch (Mannering Park YC) 11-3-8-4, 15pts

8th – "Solitaire" Ralph Skea (Koonawarra Bay SC) 9-6-5-6, 17pts

9th – "Re Entry" Lance Maizey (Concord & Ryde SC) 4-9-9-9, 22pts

10th – "Johnny B Goode" Jon Pinkerton (Koonawarra Bay SC) 3-7-DNC-DNC, 25pts

11th – "Rapture" David Stumbles (Koonawarra Bay SC) 7-8-DNC-DNC, 30pts

12th – "Chicken Liver" Julie Maizey (Concord & Ryde SC) DNC-DNC-10-10, 35 pts

13th – "Thumpa" Steve Levi (Concord & Ryde SC) 8-13-DNC-DNC, 36pts

14th – "Goin With The Flow" Matt Maizey (Concord & Ryde SC) DNF-12-DNC-DNC, 42pts

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