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hydra specs


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BCC can probably help. The original platform weight was supposed to be (by designer) 100kg with boards, rudders & tramp, but most built (in OZ) during the late 70's / early 80's ended up @ about 115-120kg. The length was 5m or about 16' 6" in the old language and beam of 8'.

If my frazzled brain remembers rightly, the sail area was about 160-170 sq feet compared to the H16 @ 210. In any sort of chop with light to moderate winds, it was a close call between the two, a well sailed Hydra could give them a run... When the breeze got up, H16 blast off...

Maybe an upgrade to a wing mast, square top & kite they would KICK ASS today and I personally would love to see that...

Just my 2 bills worth,


Leroy wink.gif

P.S.- What's old is new again?

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You have to be joking - The hydra was slow 20 years ago. Stop wasting your Money. Maybe buy a Prindle16 from the US and turn it into a formula 16.5.

Even the Kiwi $ is now worth something at the moment - better enjoy before some 20 year old with pimples in the international currency market realises where NZ is and the fact it only has sheep (and kiwis) keeping it from slipping into the ocean smile.gif and sells it down.

F16 is a dream of a crazy wouter

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Don't listen to admin..brain needs a jump start.

Biggest problem with Hydra is the guy who got the rights to build them in Aus. He had crappy production values and weights vary. Taipan rig would bolt strait on.

This is a sail boat. Refined and well behaved, tacks like a mono and you have to know how to sail to make it go fast. Mugs stepping off point and shooters like H16 would not know what to pull to make it go. 64 less square feet than a H16. I sail factory Hydra set up solo up to 25 knots so it can easily take more sail. If you don't want the wing mast just get a Taipan 2nd hand sail and cut approx 14 inches off top for instant cheap square top.

Bridle foil a la nacra and bigger jib would see this boat wipe the floor with H16 up to 15/18 knotts. But then two on trap will take the day.

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Just went and checked the sails. Hydra have the hook at mast head too low. Lift that 4 inches.

So maybe only 8 inches of top old Taipan sail.

Factory is a 6:1 dounhaul on boom. Replace with 8:1 out to shrouds. 4:1 internal cascade for outhaul is easy, ending in RF5.

Other fast fix idea is H16 fully battoned jib down to bridle foils at bows and seperate the forward shrouds.....mast more rake and even better up wind.

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