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Too right, the biggest problem seems to be the burgeoning load of paperwork that our administrators have to wade through (read; nanny state- legislative requirements, insurance- liability & otherwise, financial management & reporting, let alone astablishing who won on handicap... the list goes on) then there's the lack of volunteers or "apprentices" willing to step up to the plate.

There are always many, quick to criticise but, and it's a BIG but, few prepared to have a go! I've had a successful go on a number of occasions... I'm not sure what the answer is?

What about bringing back the family involvement at a club level? What about the gung ho "all-for-one & one-for-none, just here to race types" (who just want to turn up sail & go home) being asked to get involved in the club roster or else their membership gets revoked? They'll soon run out of places to go...

The strongest clubs that i've seen in the whole time i've been sailing (27+ years) [that don't have pokies or marina's and a proliferation of stink boat owners] are the ones that actively encourage and accommodate the family participation? Get mum or the girlfriend involved... not just because "it's her turn on the roster", but because she wants to be there???

I know of one club here in Brisbane that has decided to do something about it and we (my dearly beloved & 2 small children) will certainly be there!!! The more we go back to the roots of why we all got involved, the more likely we are to get volunteers from within the ranks...

[Added later], sounds romantic? I think it's a simple truth?

Just my fitty cents werf!


Leroy wink.gif

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Yeah man, sure am... and don't necessarily like that side of it either... also a member else-where too...

Fact still remains that the clubs (even the big ones) don't get enough info into the V.Y.C.

So what do we do about IT???


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I think it is only one side of the coin to say that clubs are not putting enough results into the vyc.

i think the vyc needs to share responsibilty for the lack of results.


they do not actively encourage clubs to remit results.

they do no make contact with clubs to ask for the results.

they do not provide a simple mechanism for submitting results.

and its not like it would be difficult to send mail/email to every yacht club in australia as they are all listed in the yachting australia database.

yours sincerely

cheif scorer/handicapper



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Fair comment... What can we do about that as well?


You're right as well. In this day and age of computers, i would have thought that some enterprising possum would have (with sufficient info) been able come up with a program that could factor in some variables... It would never be perfect (just like the weather), but at least it would be a little more palatable in terms of understanding what those variables are...

That leaves us in the position that both clubs and the VYC need to do more...

Hmmmm..... Any Volunteers???

Just my fitty sents werf!

Leroy wink.gif

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