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RYA submissions to drop cats from Youth Worlds and Olympic Games


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You have probably seen this already but it not...

The RYA have made submissions to explicitly drop the cat class from the

Youth Worlds and implicitly to drop the Tornado from the Olympic Games.

There is an online petition available here:-


There are links to the submissions from there.

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More than happily signed by I.

Seriously they want to get rid of the Tornado from the Olympics but make racing more exciting?

Get real, what is more exciting than watching a Tornado in a blow, under Spi doing +30knts with 1 guy on wire, nose dives, capsizes etc?

I know what I'd wanna see, T's all the way.

They should look at the video of Bundock/Fordes from a speed regatta, back in the days of no Spi's (the video that Ronstan got their "Roll Tack on a Cat" poster image from) then they'll see excitment for their consumers/punters.

As for dropping the Cat from the Youth Worlds, give the class a fair go. I mean Hobie 16's have only been in the Youth Worlds since 04. I sailed the 04 Youth Worlds on a H16 for Aust. and I must say that while the no's were small (11), the talent was incredible, and they provide MUCH more excitement than a Laser or 420.

It's crap that when Sailing gets next-to-no media coverage they want to kick the classes that provide excitement and could potentially create some media interest.

I'd like the RYA to tell me how that makes sense marketing wise?

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