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Brisbane River sailing when windy

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For those of you who live in and around the Brisbane area, the Brisbane river is always worth a look as a spot to go sailing, particularly when its blowing too hard to venture out on Moreton Bay.

On Sunday we put the 5.2 in at Colmslie boat ramp on the south side of Brisbane river, which is a few k's west of the Gateway bridge.

The facilities atthe ramp are good, theres a nice little sandy beach to rig up on, and unless its low tide (which it was) you can launch and retrieve off the sand into deep water. We launched on low tide, so the mud was ankle deep, but that soon washed off once we were underway.

With 25/30 knot predicted we had a good time sailing up and down the river with very little wave generated by the wind.

Its worth a try if your interested in going out for a sail when its blowing hard.



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