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I've been interested in finding out, just what our YA membership provides for us and why it seems necessary that everyone be a member.

After some researching of both YA and YNSW websites I've not been able to find any reason other than to avail yourself of the injury personal insurance the YA offers.

There are no details of this cover but apparently it is personal insurance which supposedly will assist you if you are injured sailing.

There is mention of some 'privileges' but no specific detail is provided, only waivers that the providers may not honour them, and if they don't, it's between you and the provider as YA don't give any guarantees.

All other requirements to participate in Association, State, National or International events, are covered by your clubs' or Associations'

membership 'subscriptions' and 'capitation' fees which are paid to YNSW.

Besides that there appears to be no other requirements.

So, why do we pay fees to YA? I have no idea.

I've always thought from the beginning of this scheme, that there was some requirement which enabled/permitted you to participate in certain events but that does not appear to be the case.

The only other scenario is that clubs and/or associations have made this membership a requirement to participate in their activities but I can't imagine why that would be the case unless they see personal insurance as a necessity to cover themselves in case you injure yourself during club organised events, though I would have thought, that being the case, you should be able to select you own provider, one you could be sure will honour their obligation.

In any event, I would have thought that the clubs' and contestants own 5mil public liability insurance would cover these contingencies.

It's a puzzle to me. Am I missing something?


P.S. I asked the question of Glen Stenway Sports Services Manager of YA but he palmed me off to YNSW CEO Adrian Steer.

To date, surprisingly, smile.gif I've had no reply from Mr Steer.

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So what do we get for our YA fees?

Well you would know if you attended some of the meetings! smile.gif

Do you recall the insurance squeeze a few years ago? many clubs were dissolved due to high public liability premiums. By being affiliated with YA, Yacht club's could show their insurer they had limited the liability and reduce the premium.

YA is heavily involved in sailability, which helps disabled sailors enjoy our sport.

In OUR state the YA owns a fleet of puffin pacers that are used for youth training and teams racing.

anyway YA is doing plenty of work, just because you do not see it does not mean it does not happen.

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Originally posted by HooD:

So what do we get for our YA fees?

Well you would know if you attended some of the meetings! smile.gif


3.1 Individual Members will have no voting or other rights under the Constitution of Yachting Australia. Unless otherwise determined by the Assembly, Individual Members shall have no right to attend or debate at General Meetings of the Assembly.

Riiiight. So how do I get in? Use a disguise? The rear 'tradesmens' entrance?


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Thank you. No you are not missing anything. (At least to my simple mind any ways!!!).

I don't want to get started, but, and it's a big one, BUT, why do we have to waste our time being sheep and paying good money for GOD knows what... This whole exercise of the usefulness of the "State" Y.A. & Y.A. is beyond me... Keeping useless sh*t-bags employed? I have yet to receive an adequate explanation as to why I spend hundreds of dollars a year duplicating what I already spend....

Liabilty Insurance? I've got it up to the ying/yang... You still have to prove "the onus of responsibility" above "a duty of care".... Which by the way was contested by an intellectual lawyer in N.S.W. a number of years ago, this in turn led to an explosion of outcomes, that led to N.S.W. becoming the 2nd most letigious state outside California in the mighty U.S. of A. (Also home of the Assh*les who dumped multi's from the Olympics).

What the !!!???.... To have our State or National Titles ratified?, we already know who amongst us are the hardest to beat, at any level...

Give all the f#@kers the heave ho and go your own way.... Lets get behind the Multi-hull Association........ I for one will be joining AND VOLUNTEERING!!!.....

It's all still done (if, and with any success at a grass roots level) by the locals and volunteers (at that)... not some pond-scum at a high level, high-paid, government funded, politically motivated "think-tank" with our 'alleged' best interests at heart!

Insurance that we have to arrange ourselves,... same goes for publicity, funding for facilities, youth sponsorship blah, blah, blah,...

Once upon a time, our basic fee's went to the material costs of the "association" newsletter, fuel for the rescue boat or the whatever, now it goes to the "spin-doctor" that can convince us we need to pay him (or her in a 2 for 1 deal, puulease) for their so-called expertise to spend more money on BULLSHIT ideas, (a bit like... please excuse my high level of indignation and anger).

I go to a State or National Titles, pay my dues (via a very expensive club) for what? The bleeding heart lefty's that are stupid enough to believe that we need to be led by a "nose-ring" into an arena that we already made and are conversant with!!!

Jesus, wake up and smell the roses. Getting involved and playing on their terms is only justifying their existence....

Here endeth the rant, "Soap-Box" now open for other contenders.

Love & Light,

Leroy wink.gif

Edited; so possum's could understand....

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