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Painting - Winter Maintenance


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I've just recently purchased a Tornado and I am in the process of rebuilding it.

before I refit the beams I've had the sudden urge to get the boat painted.

Does anyone know where I can get a boat this size resprayed?

Anywhere in Sydney, Central Coast or Newcastle.

I know there a lot of places I can go but I'm after a good job at a reasonable price.


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Any auto repair place should be able to do a high quality respray in their temperature controlled spray booth and costs will be for materials, preparation and labour. If you do all the preparation and supply paint you should only have to pay for equipment hire, labour etc. haggle and do the rounds to get the best deal. Leave it to the professionals though to get the best quality coat with 2pac or other quality product.

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If you knock on a few panel beater's doors you'll find someone who will do the work for a couple of hundred bucks plus paint. Typically the deal would be:

You arrive at about 3pm friday with the hulls stripped of all fittings, sanded to about 400 grit and a case of crownies.

You'll help carry the hulls into the spray booth, most will have a scafold they can use to hang the hulls (usually from chain plates), some will want you to supply this (timber A frame is fine).

Then you need to be at the door at 7:30 Monday morning with coffee and donuts so the hulls are out of the way by the time they want to start work.

You can try contacting Brian (at) electralogic.com.au - www.electralogic.com.au . Brian handles the Australian distrubution of Durepox as used by all the America's Cup teams, as he is in Avoca beach he might also be able to suggest someone to apply it for you. Make sure you tell him Chris Tucker sent you, that way he'll know to double the price.

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