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Kiwi Windrush - New buyer tips


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Our small club has now several Windrush 14's and we have members looking to purchase boats so are questioning what we should look for!

I have read all the posts on here and are lead to believe that there will only be MK1 & MK2 hulls here in NZ. From what boats i have looked at so far they seem to be MK1 with sail no around 2150 and 2280ish.

Some hulls have a stamping under rudder gudgeon "308" or another had "311", what do these mean?

The Mk2 hulls should have hatches behind front beams and plywood bulkheads and are the better hulls to get?

Hull no's and weight are stamped on hull! Where are these stamped?

Are all MK2 hulls one colour i.e. white and MK1 2 tone?

Were any boats built under license here as have one boat which has the windrush stamp on both hulls but has the imprint of a sticker that says built under license in NZ, could this be correct?

Any thing else to look for would be appreciated


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Hey blackhawke,

I've no idea what hulls were imported to NZ but most likely not the foam sandwich hulls.

The bulkhead boats are the better hulls. They were built to a production weight as where the non bulkhead mkI hulls weren't. Also the bulkhead does ALOT to stiffen the hull.

Hull numbers are stamped on the rear beam casting on each hull.

Not all Mk2 hulls were one colour, many were different colours from hull to deck.

Its quite possible some were built under license like the Trac14 (aka Windrush 14) was in the USA.

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