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Advertising and pictures on sails

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G'day Robbie Nixon of Catsailor.net faim has a big printer, cutter that can do snazzy pictures for dacron or mylar sails and also stickers on boats. I got this sign designed by Nick Woon in a 30 minute phone call he then sent the artwork to Robbie who made the sticker and put it on. I'm really happy with the outcome so if your thinking of putting something on your sails or boat consider giving these guys a go.

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Looks good Jeff!

Dacron sails are harder and do need the use of sticky back - same stuff as what the sail numbers are made from,

However with mylar we can use vinyl, We can also print onto vinyl and apply onto the sail,

My email is robert@nixon.ws, Happy to quote for all stickers, Anything from small to as big or bigger than Jeffs


This is my cobra, I'v had it sign written with catsailor.net for a about a month before Easter,

At Easter we pitch poled and tipped over, Didn't effect the sticker at all


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